About the Conference

Organization: Axel Paul, Cornelius Moriz, Philip Mader

Dated: 24/25 September 2015

Recent years’ economic crises were financial and monetary crises, caused not by the so‐called real economy and its problems, but by financial exuberance. Recognizing money to be more than merely an epiphenomenon, or a simple tool for which functional equivalents could be found, but a medium that actively constitutes our economy and society, our future must be (also) imagined as a future of money. In order to trace and prospect the veins and seams of future monies, the conference engaged these prospective monies and, more broadly, money’s prospects as a whole, by taking stock of today’s money(s), interrogating new – and new old – monetary designs, and genealogically studying past monetary systems.


Selected Publications

Paul, A. T. (Hrsg.) (2016) „Money’s Future and Future Monies “, Behemoth. 10(2), Publikation