Moritz Maurer MSc.

Doktorand (Philosophisch-Historische Fakultät)


Since 2016: Research Assistant at the University Basel Seminar for Sociology. Graduation within the SNF-project: Transformative Gemeinschaften als innovative Lebensformen?
2015: MSc “Sustainable Development” at the University Basel. Master Thesis on Emission Trading and Innovation.
2012: BSc in Agricultural Sciences; University of Natural Resources and Life Sciences Vienna.

Research Interests

The Culture and Sociology of Markets and not-market Allocation of Goods; Organization of Food-systems; Knowledge Production and Innovation; Emission Trading; Social Theory


Maurer (2015). „Handel gegen (Klima-) Wandel: Innovation, Emissionshandel und Schweizer ‚Offset-Provider‘”. Masterarbeit Universität Basel.

Maurer und Gruber (2013) „Following the Commodification Daemon. Commodification of Education in Higher Education Financing Systems“. In Compendium on Financing of Higher Education.