Cédric Duchêne-Lacroix

Dr. Cédric Duchêne-Lacroix

Assistent / PostDoc (Fachbereich Soziologie)


Petersgraben 27
4051 Basel

Cédric Duchêne-Lacroix

I'm a researcher and project leader. I enjoy to conduct researches, facilitate and organize interdisciplinary and transnational teams. I consider myself as explorer, servant and adviser of society. That's why I have chosen the social sciences as my research garden and my parliament.

I work at the University of Basel since 2007. Corresponding to orientation of the Social Research and Methodology Group (SRaM) I’m focused on Sustainability in relation to the UN Sustainable Development Goals and the UN Global Compact, specifically on SDG’s  13 (Climate Action), 11 (Sustainable Cities and Communities) and, on a broader level, on Social Transitions Research (STR).  I conduct empirical researches mainly in the sociology of space (foremost multilocal and cross-border phenomena), in (inter)cultural studies and organization (e.g. Expats or cross-border Identity issue; cultural differences by understanding and strategies of enterprises at the Upper-rhine towards climate changes, etc.), and last but not least in sustainability (Interreg project Clim’ability). I develop new concepts like e.g. “Multi-locality”, “Archipelization”, “cultural gymnastic”, “doing family in 9 dimensions”.

I teach regularly in the same fields as my research. For teaching as well as for researching I usually propose interdisciplinary approaches (sociology, culture anthropology, Geography, African studies) to question paradigms, build an innovative research design and expose new analysis on an issue.

I have published several original contributions in English, German and French. I’m co-founder of European research networks in multilocality and cross-border working “Labor SwissLux”. I co-facilitate the Basel group on Migration as well as the new inter-disciplinary bimonthly forum of the Department Gesellschaftswissenschaften (sciences of society / social sciences) “Noon Debates”. I am periodically invited for keynotes in European conferences or public meetings.