14 Jan 2019
18:00 - 19:45

Basel Peace Office
Seminar für Soziologie, Hörsaal 215

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Investing in peace and sustainability

Political and financial policies to protect future generations from climate change and nuclear weapons

Nuclear weapons and climate change create existential threats to humanity and the environment. The Intermediate Nuclear Forces (INF) Treaty is unravelling. Nuclear armed states are all modernizing their nuclear arsenals. The climate is changing, while governments are dragging their feet on implementing the Paris agreement. What can parliamentarians, mayors (cities) and civil society do to advance nuclear risk-reduction and disarmament and to help reverse climate change?

Federal, state and city governments need to consider long-term implications of their political and financial policies, including the impact on future generations. Investments of public funds in nuclear weapons and fossil fuels need to be cut, and re-directed to renewable energies and other enterprises which support environmentally safe and sustainable development.

This event will highlight policies and initiatives in Europe and globally which make a difference. It follows on from an international conference held in Basel in September 2017 on Human Rights, Future Generations and Crimes in the Nuclear Age, and the launch at COP24 (2018 UN Climate Change Conference in Katowice) of the Global Renewables Congress.

Chair and Introduction:

Prof (em) Andreas Nidecker MD, President, Basel Peace Office. Board Member, Swiss Physicians for Social Responsibility.
Basel Declaration on human rights and trans-generational crimes resulting from nuclear weapons and nuclear energy.


Molly Scott Cato MEP, Green Member of the European Parliament for South West England and Gibraltar:
Moving European governments and citizens to divest from fossil fuels and invest more in renewables.

Thomas Hermann, Deputy Mayor of Hannover, Germany. Vice-President, Mayors for Peace:

Cities acting together for disarmament and climate protection.

Christine Muttonen. Former Austrian Member of Parliament and President, OSCE Parliamentary Assembly:
Abolishing nuclear weapons: How a common security approach might work.

Luisa Neubauer. Youth Climate Campaigner, Fossil Free Germany

City and university divestment from the fossil fuels and arms industries.

Alyn Ware, Director Basel Peace Office, PNND Global Coordinator, Member World Future Council:

The climate-nuclear nexus – moving the money to protect the future.


The event will be held in English. Light refreshments will be provided. Please RSVP to info@basepeaceoffice.org



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